* Three dimensional canal obturation

* Excellent apical and lateral canal sealing (warm gutta down to the apex)

* Easy obturation of long, curved and narrow canals

* Time saving

* Easy-to-use (short learning curve)

* Good gutta filling of the whole root canal system


Main Features:

* Flexible plastic carrier with a .04 taper

* Longitudinal slot along central plastic piece allowing for easier retreatment

* Silicone stops as depth indicators

Thermafil Obturators        Ref: A0166

Taper .04

Length: 25mm

A0167 Posterior Kit

A0168 Anterior Kit

Length: 25mm

Thermaprep Plus        Ref: A0176

110 & 220V

Verifier        Ref: A0175        

Taper .04

Length: 25mm

Therma-Cut        Ref: A0050

Length: 25mm


Post Space Bur        Ref: A0051

Length: 25 / 31 mm 



For directions for use and material safety data sheets click here