NUPRO prophylaxis paste

Nupro prophy paste

NUPRO® prophy paste is is designed to meet the needs of today’s clinicians.


Nupro features excellent stain removal and polishing performance. The unique proprietary formulation is designed to deliver consistent, splatter-free performance while the colour coded grits rinse easily and completely.






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Excellent stain removal and polishing performance

• Polishing procedure is efficient and effective

Unique proprietary formulation designed to deliver consistent, splatter-free performance

• Less mess during the polishing procedure for the clinician and patient


• Safe for patients with gluten allergies

Rinses easily and completely

• Effective polishing experience

Colour coded grits

• Easily identify options for different levels of stain




NUPRO Sensodyne Prophylaxis paste


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NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophylaxis Paste with Fluoride and NovaMin* is now available from DENTSPLY.

NUPRO® has been proven in studies and trusted for over 20 years to deliver the results that clinicians require from a prophylaxis paste. NUPRO Sensodyne Prophylaxis Paste is powered by NovaMin, a unique, patent-protected technology that releases calcium phosphate to occlude dental tubules for immediate relief of dentine hypersensitivity1, 2, with no extra steps to the procedure. 

Because NovaMin integrates desensitization directly into the prophylaxis paste; it saves time for the clinician whilst providing a more comfortable experience for patients with hypersensitivity.

1. Burwell AK, Litowski LJ, Greenspan DC. Calcium sodium phosphosilicate (Novamin®): remineralization potential. Adv Dent Res. 2009; 21:35-39 

2. Ramoji RMV, Swathi D. Calcium sodium phosphosilicate: a promising desensitizing agent. Ann Essences Dent.

NUPRO® is a registered trademark of DENTSPLY International and/or its subsidiaries. Sensodyne® NovaMin® and the rings device are registered trademarks of the GlaxoSmithCline group of companies.  


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The new great tasting Nupro prophylaxis paste flavour is…

At the 2015 EuroPerio in London, DENTSPLY was excited to approach delegates with 11 new great tasting, gluten-free Nupro prophylaxis paste flavours. Participants were asked to select their favourite flavour with a view to launch the winner into the UK market later this year. The flavours ranged from ‘Fruit Punch’ and ‘Cookie Dough’ to ‘Zinnamon’. As part of the tasting session we asked delegates what their patients disliked the most in a prophylaxis paste and interestingly 62% said “the taste”, so we are hoping the new flavour will make patients more satisfied with their hygiene appointment.


Along with interactions with customers on social media, a resounding winner was selected. "Razzberry" was chosen as the favourite by almost a third of those participating! It will be launched in the near future to accompany the existing Mint and Orange flavours that are already provided by DENTSPLY.

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