ProTaper Next


ProTaper Next

  • One torque setting, one speed setting and only two files per treatment*
  • Two files that give predictable shapes for irrigation every time, without compromise
  • Swaggering action reduces binding and improves debris removal
  • Faster shaping means more irrigation time
  • M-wire technology enhances file flexibility

          *The majority of root canals have a size below 025 (Marroquin et al,2004)





Just two files even for complex canal shaping

ProTaper Next will tackle nearly all of your treatable root canals, even the complex ones. The key evolution being the swaggering movement of the file and our strengthened NiTi, M-Wire. 


ProTaper Next has a patented, off-centred, rectangular cross section giving the files a unique, snake-like swaggering movement. This improved action creates an enlarged space for debris removal, optimises the canal tracking and reduces binding.


ProTaper Next  

All the features you are used to with ProTaper plus more

The ProTaper Next system only requires one torque setting, one continuous speed setting and only two files per treatment*. All these features come together to cover more difficult clinical cases with increased simplicity.

Download the ProTaper Universal conversion chart.

Download the ProTaper Next clinical step by step guide



ProTaper Next               ProTaper Next      ProTaper Next step by step 

Supported by UK clinicians

Dr. Mike Horrocks, Lead Clinician and Senior Partner at simplyendo says:

“ProTaper Next is a very efficient system, it is comfortable and user friendly which will inspire confidence with all dentists. The system’s swaggering movement means that it doesn’t grab or screw and makes progress down the canal effortless. It also means that both the canal and root canal systems are much less likely to become blocked.”


Read a clinical case by Dr John Rhodes (Specialist in endodontics and owner of The Endodontic Practice, Dorest)

Read a clinical case by Prof. Edmond Koyess DCD, CES, DSO, FICD (Chairperson of Endodontic Department at the Dental School of the Lebanese University)

Read a clinical case by Dr John West (Founder and Director of the Centre for Endodontics)

Read an article by Dr Nick Barker BDS MSc

Read an article "How to minimise the chances of file separation occurring"

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Reach the next level of performance

Watch the swaggering movement of ProTaper Next

Watch canal shaping with ProTaper Next

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